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Eastern European girls are world-known for their beauty, outgoing character and flawless fashion style. They make fantastic homemakers, mothers and lovers. During the pre-COVID times, meeting one of these girls was not difficult at all. Many foreign men met their Eastern European hot brides on various vacation destinations, where these girls loved to spend their time. The most popular places male singletons used to go to meet the Eastern European girl of their dreams was: United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Spain and Greece. 

In 2021, when travelling is forbidden for most of the world’s population, meeting potential suitors becomes a challenge. As the Earth population is slowly moving towards digitalisation of our lives, hot Russian brides search has moved online as well. Today, in order to meet and chat with your Slav soulmate, the best approach is by using online dating services. Dating websites have a large number of charming brides that are waiting to be matched with a foreigner. 

What is it like having a Russian Bride

First of all, it is essential to point out that although Russia and Ukraine used to be united under one country — the Soviet Union, they are still two separate countries with different cultures and traditions. Therefore, the people living there should not be generalised as they possess different qualities. We will start by reviewing the qualities of Russian beauties. Below we have gathered a few points that should aid you in gaining knowledge and better understanding the peculiarities of women from Russia. 

Russia is a multinational country

hot russian brides search

Russia is the largest country in the world, which extends almost along the entire continent, from west to east. Because it has a surface area of such sizes, it unites different nationalities, whilst remaining a single country. You should not be surprised to see women with other appearances. Typically, northern Russians have light blonde hair and blue eyes, whereas Southerns have darker traits with dark brown eyes and dark hair. 

At the same time, there are nationalities that have Asian-looking appearances with pale skin, Asian facial features and dark hair. These people are typically located in the Asian parts of Russia. An example of such nationalities is the Altai Republic that borders Kazakhstan. 

Although Russia is a Christian country, there are multiple religions present as well. Western Russian is mostly Christian, Central and Caucasus parts are Muslim, and some Eastern Republics are Buddhist. You can see that with so many cultures and traditions, you can find hot Russian brides that would match any tastes and preferences. 

Combining traditions with the Russian order of life

Although nationalities in the Russian Federation might be different, most traditions are shared by everyone due to the Soviet Union’s policy of country unification. The USSR government had an idea of making the whole population have the same traditions and order of life. Russian people learned to combine their cultural and religious traditions with the Soviet way of living. 

First of all, celebrating national holidays is very important and happens a few times a year. These holidays are a fantastic cause to gather with relatives and their closest friends. Typically, people love visiting friends and celebrate at home. This makes the Russians amazing hosts. Being welcoming and taking good care of guests is highly important in Russian culture. 

A Russian bride will always pay a warm welcome to guests and prepare amazing three-course meals because this is what they have been taught from childhood. Another cultural feature is that females aspire to have a family and get married. This is the trait that you can rarely see in Western societies, but Russians are very family-oriented. Having a family for a woman has always been perceived as the top priority for girls in Russia. 

Therefore, keep in mind that although Russians have a playful and outgoing character, they should not be perceived as light-headed because behind her open-minded attitude, there is always a serious marriage mindset. 

Qualities of a Russian bride

If you are thinking of meeting a hot Russian bride, it is worth learning about their general qualities. Firstly, Russian girls know how to dress well. They always dress-to-impress, so do not be surprised if your Russian date comes to your morning coffee date with a full makeup on and a blow-dry. 

She is not doing it to impress others and seek attention. Russian girls are raised with an idea of always looking good for their husbands. Therefore, she will always try to look her best in order to keep you amused and interested! Another quality of Russians is that they might be perceived as cold and distant at first. But this is the façade that they build in order to protect themselves from strangers who might do them wrong.

If your potential Russian female companion is acting a little distant at first, try to give her a little time and express your intentions. Once she feels confident around you, she will open up and reveal her warm character. 

What is it like having a Ukrainian Bride

hot ukrainian brides

Since Ukraine and Russia have been under one country, their traditions are very similar. Women generally tend to have similar family-oriented attitudes and follow the same order of life as the Russians. Yet, they tend to have significant personality and character differences due to the climatic location of the country. 

What are the qualities of Ukrainian Brides

Ukrainian women tend to be very positive and fun to be around. They have a friendly and heartwarming attitude towards others. Girls from this country are appreciative of the things and people in their lives and look for humbleness in others. From a very young age, they are raised with a family-centred attitude looking for that one special person she could build a strong family and stay together with until the end of the days.

Their mothers teach them to do things around the house, such as cooking, cleaning, hospitality; therefore, by the time she gets to her marriage age, a typical Ukrainian girl will definitely know her way around the house. 

They also know how to take care of themselves and pay close attention to health and physical appearance. These ladies eat healthy food and work out to remain in shape all the time. Do not be surprised if she starts cooking healthy meals for you and encourages you to go to the gym with her. She simply wants her lover to be happy and healthy. This is what makes them hot Ukrainian brides! 

If you choose a Ukrainian lady as your love partner, she will definitely be very supporting! Not only will she take care of your kids, your house and you, she will also ensure that she looks her best on a daily basis. Her nails will always be accurately painted, and she will apply the perfect makeup and dress in a way to highlight her slim ideal figure. 

What Ukrainian brides look like

ukrainian brides

The physical appearance of girls from Ukraine is generally similar to Southern Russians as these are neighbouring areas. Usually, they have slightly darker facial features with strong dark eyebrows, olive skin and long brown hair. However, you can still meet green- and blue-eyed girls from Ukraine. 

Different areas of Ukraine might have slight deviations, as ladies from West and South of the country have the features as mentioned above, whereas Central Ukrainian parts are full of beautiful ladies with fair hair and eyes. Generally, girls tend to have medium height and, therefore, love wearing high heels to highlight their legs. In this country, it is popular to have long hair, and most girls will fascinate you with their voluminous, thick hair. 

How to behave around Russian and Ukrainian brides

Once your hot Russian bride’s search is complete and you manage to find the perfect girl of your dreams, learn a few tips on how to act around them to make sure she falls in love with you. Firstly, it is very important that you express your feelings. Eastern European girls might feel shy at times and would expect you to express your interest first. It is inappropriate in Eastern European countries for a woman to make the first step in a relationship, keep that in mind! 

Secondly, the best way to get to the heart of a Russian or Ukrainian girl is to bring her flowers often. They love it! Make sure that you do not give her an even number of flowers because it is badly perceived in Russia. A nice small bouquet of an odd number of flowers should do its job! Be generous in compliments, because every woman wants to know that she is appreciated and that her other half is amazed by her beauty and personality. Now you have all the essential information on how to get the hot bride of your dreams!

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