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It is true that you never know when love will find you, but still it’s better to be in control of your romantic life. Luckily enough, there exist online services that immensely help us with this task. Yes, you got it right: we are talking about online dating sites that help people connect despite their age, place of living, financial status, culture, etc.

Why should I trust online dating?

In the first place, the very fact that there are so many dating sites speaks for itself. If dating in virtual reality wasn’t so effective, easy, and convenient, there wouldn’t be a myriad of dating services. People wouldn’t register on those platforms and there wouldn’t be so many testimonials and happy love stories. But to succeed in your virtual romantic relationship, you should stick to the following rules:

  • Don’t think that online matchmaking algorithms will do all the work for you. Surely, they will help you to find the most suitable candidates according to your specific needs and requirements, but that’s where your mission begins.
  • Be respectful of the ladies you are interacting with. Never send them vulgarities or insist on the physical side of a relationship. Otherwise, your account may get blocked for inappropriate behavior.
  • One of the greatest mistakes online daters make is not taking a cyber-romance seriously. Sure, if you are looking for a flirt or one-night-stand, it’s ok, but remember that on the majority of reputable dating sites like, women are looking for a long-term relationship or marriage.
  • Always remain cool-headed. No matter how beautiful your potential match/matches can be, carefully analyze the way your relationship is evolving. Watch out if the lady is constantly making up sad stories meant to make you send her money or precious presents.

SofiaDate — welcome to the world of real feelings!

Sofia Date

As you could have understood, the first step to date successfully is to define your goals. The women on best online dating sites are family-oriented, and this is true for ladies on The point is that their members come from Slavic countries, where women consider men breadwinners and defenders. It means that if you treat your Slavic beauty respectfully, she will become the best partner and the most devoted wife ever.

In this respect, let us warn you from the very beginning. Slavic girls are very careful while communicating with foreign men, so be patient. Don’t think that a lady is fooling you or her profile is fake if she doesn’t want to share here contact details with you at once. Be persistent while proving that she really means a lot to you and give her as much time as she needs to start trusting you.

Likewise, be alert if a Slavic girl confesses that she loves you after a couple of your messages. It’s a clear sign of a gold-digger since no decent reasonable lady can fall in love with a foreigner even without meeting him in person. Of course, there may arise mutual attraction between you, but forget about passionate confessions — as we know, happiness loves silence.

How to become a member?

Joining Sofia Date is very easy. If you are at least 18, you are eligible to register on the site. Provide the most essential data about yourself like your name, birthdate, a proper email, create a strong password, and choose who you are looking for. That’s it! Now you have access to gorgeous Slavic members’ profiles, so start looking for your perfect lady!

How do you do that? Just choose a filter you prefer — a quick or detailed one. A quick filter lets you find a girl according to her ID, age, or offline/online status; and if you are looking for a soulmate or the love of your whole life, it’s better to apply a detailed filter. Here, you choose all the characteristics possible, starting with appearance preferences and girls’ social background up to their religion and goal of staying on the site.

This way, you can find a woman based exclusively on your preferences and no one will judge you for that, which is another benefit of online dating sites. Also, we suggest that you pay attention to the info a lady writes about herself and a man she wants to meet. This will let you know how to approach a girl you like and whether you may be compatible at all.

Be courageous about the next move

If you are a shy guy, suggests you a perfect environment since Slavic ladies hate beating around the bush. They aren’t afraid of sending the first message to a man they like because they are goal-oriented and have no time for passive waiting. But we assume that you understand that a woman has to be interested in you before she decides to send you a message, right? So, what can you do to attract her attention?

First of all, find some time to thoroughly complete your dating website profile. Believe us, it’s a very important step that will indicate your intentions — Slavic beauties guess that if a man is looking for a long-term relationship, he will fill in every field of his online dating profile. Besides, on SofiaDate, you will even get a sweet bonus for that — free credits. You are welcome to use them to try the service and see whether you like it.           

Secondly, remember that your main goal is to show your active interest in a lady’s personality, so send personalized messages to every woman you like. Don’t send standard cliché messages like «Hello, you are so hot, let’s get acquainted». Women like feeling unique, and this is your main goal while dating them online.

Furthermore, always behave like a gentleman. Do you think that courtesy is possible only in real-time dating format? You are wrong. Being a gentleman online implies the following things:

  • being punctual for your online dates;
  • wearing nice clothes (don’t believe those saying that your appearance and clothes don’t matter since you aren’t dating in real life);
  • not bombarding your interlocutor with messages — bear in mind that Slavic ladies have a very intense rhythm of life;
  • make sure you aren’t lying in the bed during your date — respect a woman you are talking to;
  • not sending obscenities and using rude phrases;
  • remember about compliments that should be specific and a bit elaborate since women love with their ears (it’s always better to compliment a girl’s personality)

What about my online dating safety?


Although this is the most typical users’ concern, with you can rest assured that any kind of your data is safe and you are dating in an absolutely safe environment. The point is that the platform’s Team does care about their customers and does everything possible to protect them against any possible violations.

The identity of every woman registered on the site is manually verified so that you can be sure you are talking to a real lady. You see, before joining SofiaDate, every girl has to undergo a tough verification procedure and provide all the necessary documents. For you, it also means that every member on the platform is looking for a long-term relationship, which is perfect if your intentions are serious as well.

Yet, to be on the safe site, the SofiaDate Team recommends you to stick to the following tips to additionally protect yourself. Not to fall victim to a phishing attack, never open images/links/attachments you receive from unknown members or the ones you don’t know well enough. Another method fraudsters may use to fool you is advertising various hot or beneficial offers. Contact the Support Team to make sure those options are really available.

Also, be very cautious with pop-up windows. Avoid entering any personal or financial data there; just close them by clicking the red cross in the right upper corner of the window. Last but not the least, it’s a great idea to double-check the emails that appear to be sent from the site. Check how domain names are spelled, the sender’s name and email address. Keep in mind that poor grammar or spelling is definitely a red flag to watch out.

Summing up

Choosing the best online dating site, consider Sofia Date. There are so many beautiful and devoted women that any man will be able to meet a girl according to his preferences. The search function is quick and efficient, which will satisfy even the most capricious users. Virtual communication on the platform is as close to real as possible, with a possibility of contact details request, sending gifts and even personal meeting features. Although the site doesn’t have an app yet, you can use its mobile version that is very convenient. Thus, doubts aside and get ready for incredible sensations!

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